01 about

Eileen Standley is an interdisciplinary artist working with visual arts practices, and dance. She presents her work in performance, exhibition or installation settings in traditional and non-traditional venues. Her artistic research often explores a threshold moment before gesture manifests itself in the world of form. Recent collaborative projects have been inspired by inquiry into the aging body and subtle, intimate performance interventions in urban settings. Consciousness, the metaphysical, and the meeting of the ephemeral and material, are also recurring themes in her artmaking. Informed by practices of real-time composing and somatic investigations, her work has been shown regionally, nationally and internationally. Eileen is a clinical professor at Arizona State University.




02 cloudBack Series

During this riotous summer of 2020, I started making images of women's backs with clouds projected on them - the backs of some of the strongest women I know and clouds as another layer of resilience and transformation.


The images are an abstraction of ideas that have come up strongly since the recent explosions of social injustice and man's inhumanity to man – “backspace” itself as a metaphor politically, socially, culturally and a symbol of strength and survival in spite of histories of crushing inequity and oppressions. We (women) survive and morph and shift - strong and vulnerable - change, a guarantee – like clouds shifting.


The images are copied onto fragile paper materials and left in the hot sun for days in order to morph with the weather. Another picture is taken of them and layered with another photo - emphasizing their ephemerality - the potential to transform again.